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Finding A Tree Removal Company In Toowoomba

Got a tree problem? We are the solution: Tree removal Toowoomba.
We’re the best when it comes to trees. We’re arborists: tree removal professionals, tree surgeons, tree pruners, tree trimmers, whatever you want to know us by.

We do everything you might ever need: tree removal, stump removal, trimming, pruning, and full arboriculturist services. Need tree felling? We’re the fellas. Tree lopping? We’ve got you covered. We can even perform tree canopy lifting if you need some more headroom in your yard.

Trees need a lot of care and they come with the size, weight, and special requirements that make a professional service a great investment. Dead trees falling, damage from tree roots, falling branches, or just the appearance of an unhappy, unhealthy tree in your yard! Here on the east coast, it’s also a necessity to take proper care of your trees to prevent the development of serious termite infestation. The little monsters nest in the trunks of trees and are the single most expensive, destructive factor to your property value.
A little tree care is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your home: safety, a better place to live, saving yourself enormous problems in future, and helping your home build and retain value! We are a team of top-quality professionals. We love the job, we love the outdoors, and we are on-hand for any tree issue at a reasonable, fair price.

We want to leave you with the persistent thought: “wow, that was easier than I thought – that was a great choice”. Our tree services are built to deliver this kind of experience every time!

Choosing A Qualified Tree Service Professional

Getting the best tree care service is a huge deal. It’s the difference between being happy with the job and having to hire a real professional after bad service. It’s also the difference between the amount of time and stress you’re putting into the project. You’re hiring a professional because you don’t want to do it yourself – that means getting it done right the first time, dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

What sets us apart? 3 essential principles that we’ve built our service around to give you the best experience: safety, quality, and customer service.

We’re completely qualified across the range of tree services. We’ve got the experience and expertise you need to get the job done right the first time – and with a beautiful result. That’s our quality promise! We take safety seriously – if you’re getting a tree removed or lopped, it’s to keep your home safe and presentable. We make sure your property is safe during the process and all the mess is removed when we’re done. Customer service is key. No price or work is worth the stress of poor communication or rude service. We pride ourselves on being genuinely invested in your property and service. This is the core of the work we do – no matter how big or small the job!

We are experts in every part of tree care. While our name is TRT, we cover any arborist service you might need: removal, tree lopping, stump removal and grinding, all the way down to simple consultations and tree ‘check-ups’. Choose our team of professional tree surgeons because you want a qualified tree care expert with experience and knowledge to give you the best service!
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Company Values

1 - Safety

Trees can be dangerous if you’re inexperienced or careless. We’re neither.
We make sure that the work on your tree – whether it’s complete removal, lopping, or any other adjustment – is performed safely. This means no falling branches, careful and precise felling, and reducing secondary risks of things like termites developing after a removal.

Unlike some lower-quality services, we make sure that all of these concerned are checked off to make sure your home is safe. It’s a hallmark of professional arborism and one we take very seriously!

2 - Customer Service

Our service isn’t the only thing we excel in; we’re experts at bringing tree care services but also customer care!

Tree care can be a stressful process if you’re dealing with the risk of damage or trying to sell your home. We understand, and that’s why we make sure we’re communicative, straight forward, and there are never hidden fees.

We love the work we do and take our integrity and honest hard work seriously. We’re only as good as our last customer’s experience – which is why we ensure they’re all as happy as possible!

3 - High Quality Work

We are tree experts – it’s why we practice arboriculture. It’s a passion and expertise that takes training, practice, and specialist knowledge.

That’s why we pride ourselves on extensive expertise and a top-quality service. We take the problem-solving you need and combine it with a practiced science and art of tree care.

We make trees happier, healthier, and better looking – or we make it look like they were never there. Our skills in the field single us out as the best tree service in Toowoomba and it’s just one more reason why we leave a trail of happy customers wherever we work!

Tree Services Toowoomba

Service Tree Lopping


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Sometimes, you need a tree gone. It might be dead and a fall hazard, preventing invasive roots, or just preventing you from working on your yard.

Whatever the reason, the tree removal you want is speedy, complete, and decisive. That’s the approach we take here at TRT: a job well-done as quickly and painlessly as possible by a team of professional tree loppers.

We also remove any debris from the job and ensure that the tree removal site isn’t vulnerable to issues like termite infestation or persistent root damage.
Service Stump Removal


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Stumps have all the logistical difficulties of an unwanted tree – but without any of the natural beauty. That’s why we offer timely, inexpensive stump removal to put you back in control of your yard.

Whether you’re preparing a patio or just want to smooth out your yard, our stump removal is the perfect choice. It leaves you with a blank canvas, with none of the problems of persistent roots or termite infestation in your dead old stump threatening your home.

We grind stumps down and treat the remains to ensure that there’s no risk of re-growth or the development of fungus which might infect or kill other plants in your yard.
Service Tree Pruning


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Pruning is like trimming but with the specific purpose of protecting the tree and managing healthy growth. It’s the difference between trimming it for your needs and pruning to ensure it stays healthy and grows properly.

Overgrowth isn’t a good sign: it’s an indicator that your tree is going to be wasting resources on unnecessary branches that aren’t helping it grow and maintain itself. Without proper pruning, it can easily become a burden and lead to your shrubs dying off or stunted growth.

It also helps you by making your tree beautiful: no dead branches, and a strong, healthy green tree. We are experts in pruning, clipping, and managing your tree’s growth – saving you money down the road and leaving you with a healthy, thriving tree instead of a dead husk!
Service Tree Trimming


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Trees need trimming to keep them healthy, to shape them and control their growth, and simply to help with the landscaping of your yard. We take this more seriously than you might think: proper tree-management saves you damage and bigger expense down the road.

Expert trimming can prevent falling branches or collisions with your property. It can keep your trees healthy and reduce the risk of death and disease. It can also change the appearance of your yard.

Trimming trees can also prepare your yard for future work, raising up the bottom of trees to give you headspace and make room for new installations or landscaping!
Service Arborist Tasks


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As premiere qualified arborists in Toowoomba, we cover the full range of tree care service. Arborist tasks like these cover the whole range: from planting and consultation, to pruning and tree health, to the end of a tree’s life with removal of shrubs and stumps.

Whatever your tree needs, tree removal Toowoomba is the right place to be. We build individualised packages and consultations – with no-obligation calls to discuss your issues and how we can help.

The range of our work includes anything you might need for your personal or business property. The best way to know if we can help? Get in touch!

Professional Tree Lopping Company

Why Hire A Professional To Remove Your Tree?

Tree lopping, care, and removal are specialist jobs. We had to train as arborists to do the work we do: tree removal is complicated, highly specialist, and requires both the safety and equipment training to get the job right without any risk to you or your property.

We also take responsibility for the removal of trees, stumps, and lopped branches so you don’t have to. We leave your yard safe and healthy, with reduced risk of fungal or termite infections, looking beautiful, and minimise risk to your property.

Sure, you could try and lop or remove trees yourself, but that’s only likely to cause more – and more expensive – problems along the way. The work we do saves you the stress, the cost, and the risks associated with a job half-done or a low-quality, ‘cowboy’ tree care company!
Customer Testimonials
I had a tree that was dying and rotting, and I had no idea what I should do with it. I got in touch with Tom and his team and the job was done within a week, and it took a load off my mind. My home and yard look great, and no more worries., thanks.

- Rob K.
Fantastic job guys, very impressed from start to finish. Good customer service as well and they really knew their stuff, they also cleaned up very good afterwards too, thank you team.

 - Cliff J.
I needed 3 gum trees removed as they were getting quite old and i was worried they'd start dropping branches on my house and cause some damage or kill someone. Tom came around with his guys and took care of them, very professional, very friendly bunch of guys, no issues at all. 

- Paul D.

Care For your Garden - Care for Your Home

Your home is your most valuable asset – whether that’s financially or in terms of how it impacts your quality of life. You’re there every day and the way you feel about it matters.

Your yard is the first impression anyone gets of your home – and it’s often a place where you retreat for family time. Tree care is homecare, because caring for your garden is an overlooked but crucially important part of caring for your home.
It is a way to improve the value of your home and the kind of value it holds on the market at relatively little cost. Those first impressions never leave, and a dead or poorly maintained tree speaks to how a prospective buyer would feel about your home as they take a tour.
This isn’t just for the market, though. This first impression applies to everyone visiting your home: friends, colleagues, or even the dreaded in-laws. The impression your home sets has value in the market, but so much further than that: it reflects on you and proper garden care is one way to make sure that’s a shining first impression!
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Why Choose Toowoomba's #1 Tree Clearing Company?

We should be your first choice when it comes to tree care services and arboriculture services because of the quality and safety of our work, as well as the customer service you’ll enjoy along the way.

The standard of our work is what matters most to us: what will we accept as a result, when every job reflects on us as a company?

The 3 simple principles of safety, service, and quality are what we believe every job must include. We build on this with a friendly approach and tailoring our solution to each tree and each yard along the way.
But you can always rely on getting a timely, high-quality service in a safe and professional way. It’s why our testimonials speak of us well and why our customers are happy – and only more so as time goes by and their homes are safer and more valuable!

We have extensive experience with a wide range of flora & fauna species including pine trees, gum trees, palm trees, silver birch trees, oak trees, fruit trees, and many more.

Choose the team at TRT if you value your home, your yard, your time, and the long-term cost of getting sub-standard service somewhere else!

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High Quality Tree Service Toowoomba

All of our tree services are to the highest quality standard with no compromise on the precision and strategy your garden needs. We cover every service you might ever need for your trees, from care and pruning to consultation to pruning and removal.

Wherever your tree is in its life cycle and whatever challenge you’re facing, TRT are the perfect team to have on your side. There’s no job too big, nor too small, and we are prepared for any unique or niche tree service you might need.

Call the experts – whatever your tree needs – today. We offer no-obligation phone call consultations so we can go through your personal situation and what sort of solution we can offer!
The guidelines of your local council for permits before work can take place are always a top priority. Toowoomba Tree Removal follows all industry guidelines for the safe tree removal process.
High Quality Tree Services

#1 Tree Service In Toowoomba

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Here at TRT, we can assist you with any and all tree service issues you might have - from tree removal, tree lopping, to tree trimming and much more, give us a call now and we'll take care of your tree problems today!
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