About Us

About Us

Tree Removal Toowoomba exists because we love working outdoors, working with trees, and working to make people’s lives better. Where these 3 overlap is making your home and garden a happier, more appealing place, and removing any safety or infestation risks.

We’ve been working on trees for years and have encountered any tree problem or need you can imagine. The result is a broad and deep expertise on every aspect of tree care services and arborism.

Our name might be tree removal, but we’re proud to offer everything you could ever need for your trees: consulting on how to plant, proper pruning to foster healthy trees, trimming and lopping for any purpose, and the removal of stumps and trees in a safe and healthy way.

We built this company around these values and principles, and the result is a company that gets the job done right and won’t let you down.

We spent a lot of time deciding what the standard for our work should be. What do we want you to note about tree removal Toowoomba every time we turn up and work on your trees? The 3 core values that we wanted to be our foundation are simple, but mean everything to us: safety, quality of work, and customer service. Whatever your job and whatever the specifics, these are the driving values that are going to leave you happy and your job successful every single time.

We believe that proper, safe workmanship is its own reward and that combining it with personable and reliable service makes for the best arborist service in Toowoomba. If you’re anywhere in the region and have any problem with your trees, we’re on-hand to offer expertise at a fair price.

If you’re unsure about your tree care needs, we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help. It’s free to call and we don’t expect you to book on every call, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your tree needs with the real tree experts!

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